Our goal at Care Comfort Cure is to offer excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine Care to all our patients, Comfort them with a better holistic understanding of their health conditions and promote the Cure of their illness by stimulating an innate healing process that is safe, effective and drug-free. 

Let your healing process begin with Care Comfort Cure.


What is unique about Care Comfort Cure

What make us so special compared to other healthcare providers in SF Bay Area?

At Care Comfort Cure, we specialize in Master Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture technique, an effective approach to resolving pain-related disease, often times providing almost instant relief. Compared with needling in the other parts of the body, most patients find scalp acupuncture to be most comfortable with little to no needle sensation. Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture not only helps with neurological diseases, but is also effective to treating over 200 diseases, including internal, pediatric, gynecological, and EENT (ear, nose, throat) diseases. 

Scalp Acupuncture

Pulse Diagnosis and Applied TCM Channel Theory

At our clinic, we return to the classics of TCM by using Pulse Diagnosis and Channel Theory to diagnose and develop effective and personalized acupuncture treatments for our patients. The strong foundational understanding of the organ interactions, channel systems and the mastering of reading the information which the body provides is the key to the effectiveness of the treatments we provide. 

Taiji (Tai Chi) Standing Meditation

At Care Comfort Cure, you are part of the healing team. Team work is our motto. It is not only we taking care of you, but we also inviting you and guiding you in how to participate in this very important project, your cure. Therefore, in addition to the treatment, we also provide special training to our clients on Tai Ji standing meditation and body stretching exercises that fit your needs. This is the best way to maintain your body in a proper condition for the continuation of the healing process. Your healing will not stop after exiting our clinic.   

Pulse Diagnosis and Applied TCM Channel Theory
Scalp Acupuncture
Taiji (Tai-Chi) Standing Meditation
Herbal and Dietary Recommendations

Your daily food is your best medicine. This is our core belief here at Care Comfort Cure. You are what you eat. Therefore, we carefully provide you with dietary recommendations according to your body type and your current health condition. In addition, herbal formula may be prescribed as part of the treatment based on our diagnosis.  We will show you what to eat and how to eat that is best for your recovery. We will choose the right medicine that is considered as food, or the right food that is considered as medicine, to be included in your diet.  

Dietary Recommendations


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