Jing Yi L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in California

Licensed physician/pediatrician in China

Specialize in pediatrics and internal medicine

I have been practicing western medicine since 1999 before I became an L.Ac. I've always considered Traditional Chinese Medicine as a good complement until TCM saved my own daughter from severe acute autoimmune disease.


While understanding the desperation for both doctors and patients when prednisone seems to be the only choice, I am sure there is a better way to go.


My clinical experience includes a wide range of pediatric problems from prenatal, neonatal to the older child. A combination of quick acupoint, pediatric massage, sculpture needles, point application therapy, as well as dissolvable scientifically processed herbal medication, helps our treatment fun and acceptable that leads to sustained development.  I also make Integrative diagnose and treatment for mothers as well as other family members, keep good communication with your western doctor whenever it's necessary.