Flynn C. L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“You don’t have to totally believe in Chinese Medicine nor my personal experiences, but please believe in the great self-healing potential of your own.” – Flynn Y.S. Chang , 2017


Flynn was born in Taiwan and learned Traditional Chinese Medicine from several renowned masters of TCM on Formosa island as an apprentice for more than five years before he came to the United States in 2013. He has  practiced acupuncture since 2010, and started his Tai Chi training since 2006.


Flynn graduated from Five Branches University, California USA with its rigorous academic and clinical training. He is well-versed in TCM diagnostic skills of pulse taking and tongue diagnosis, and spends copious time furthering his practice in TCM Channel Diagnosis & Palpation.

He helps people not only with pain management or sports and work injuries, but also with many chronic issues, such as inter alia, insomnia, allergies, digestive and mobility disorders.


From the rapid efficacy of Scalp Acupuncture to his unique acupressure and acupuncture technique,  Flynn has applied his knowledge and experience in Tai Chi Qi Gong to effect, which has won praise and affirmation from many senior TCM practitioners and his patients.


In addition, Flynn has specialized in non-invasive auricular and palm reflexology, as well as self-care coaching and dietetics according to each patient’s constitution. He eases patient’s pain and discomfort through a combination of various modalities, and aims to reduce patients’ dependence on chemical drugs.