Questionnaire for Online Consultation - Respiratory Infection

  1. Please mark all your symptoms
Do you have fever?
Do you have cough?
The color of mucus?
4. Leave your name and contact info and press submit.
     We will contact you if doctor needs more detail information from you.
     Your herb prescription will be sent to your address.
      If you are far from us, a shipping cost will be charged . 
      You may also pick up herb at our office.
2. Upload a clear photo of your tongue
     Front-side photo of your tongue under natural light.
Select File
3. Sign consent form if you've NEVER visit our office before. 
    Existing patient, please skip this and go to step 4. 
    If you are a new patient, please sign the consent forms first.
     (1)  Click here to make a telemedicine appointment(see example below).
 (2)  You will receive an automatic email from us.
        Please open the email and click the "new patient" link.
        Go through the steps and sign the consent forms.