Testimonial : Skin issue, dizziness and blurry vision

"Without Dr Ching, I will be suffering from my skin problem for another year!!! After only a couple visits with her, my dark purple and ruptured skin cleared up. She is taking care of me so well and giving me the most gentle but effective treatments! In a week, I recovered from a very poor condition. There is no more dizziness or blurry vision. She builds my health up to the optimal level and even supports me to do well in school. Seeing so many acupuncturists, I say she is very skillful with her needle technique, and it really works!!! She is one of the doctors who listens to her patients. I really like her laugh and sense of humors. The treatment rooms are well designed, clean, and so relaxing like I was in the spa. I value her insight in Chinese Medicine. She treats my whole family. The pain on my husband’s wrists have gradually disappeared. She also is very perceptive with her diagnostic skills. One of many things that I am impressed about Dr Ching is she advises and explains the preventive care to us very well, so we are making our health better, so the problems don’t come back."

Before acupuncture treatment.
In one of the acupuncture treatments.
After couples acupuncture treatments.

Review on Yelp –Kamolluck T., Saratoga, CA 5/10/2011