Testimonial : Back injuries, flu and stopped period

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have her. She saves me every time I injure myself or get sick. I just see her for one appointment, and I feel significantly better the next day. I’ve come to her with countless back injuries where it was painful to get out of bed, and even turn my head to drive, but Dr. Chi was able to fix me, and I was able to even attend my cardio exercise classes the next day.

I once came to her because I had the flu. She treated me, and I was almost 100% better 2 days later, with each day feeling 2x better than the previous. My parents also were sick, but they didn’t see her, and they stayed sick for over a month. That could have been me! Thank you, Dr. Chi!

What really amazes me is that she also helped me get my period back. My periods stopped when I was 16, due to stress, and I didn’t have it for 5 years. I saw Dr. Chi on a regular basis just last summer, and now my period is back. She’s pretty amazing.

I agree with the other reviewers in that Dr. Chi genuinely wants to help people. She will try everything she can to get you well again as soon as possible. This means she wants you to only have to see her ONCE, not several times. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, modest, and simply the best acupuncturist I’ve met. I don’t see any other doctors now because she fixes everything. (Well, I haven’t broken my bones yet….)

She is also adorable. My family and I love her!

Review on Yelp –Ashley C., Cupertino, CA 1/22/2012