Tesimonial :  Sciatica

As others have said here, Dr. Chi is amazing! It can’t be said enough times.

Image by rawpixel.com

Dr. Chi cares about her patients deeply. Her passion is clear as she explains each of her actions and the effects it’s going to have. I was a skeptic when I visited her first time for my sciatica. However, upon seeing immediate improvement in my condition, I am convinced about the virtues of Acupuncture (at least for my case). She’d insert needles and instantly the pain would disappear. The chronic part of my pain disappeared gradually also.

Dr. Chi is also generous with her knowledge. You can ask her any medical questions–even those that may have bothered you for a long time and those that don’t have anything to do with your particular condition being treated–and she’ll have an answer for you.

I often see Dr. Chi practicing the science on herself and her family.

Review on Yelp –B. P., San Francisco , CA 7/27/2012