Tesimonial : Pain relieve after a surgery

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I started seeing Dr. Ching Ching Chi about a year after I had major surgery to repair a congenital defect called Pectus Excavatum. This condition is defined as a concave sternum and in my case, it was very severe and was compressing my heart, causing arrythmias and difficulty breathing. The surgical repair meant that two metal bars were inserted beneath my sternum and ribs, to raise my sternum off my heart. I experienced significant pain due to this surgery which lasted much longer than anticipated.

After months of visits to pain specialists, narcotics, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and massage with minimal relief from pain, on the recommendation of a friend, I visited Dr. Ching Ching Chi. I came into my first visit with pain in the 7 range on a scale of 10. Seconds after Dr. Ching Ching Chi inserted the first needles, I was completely pain free!

The majority of the pain relief lasted for several hours that day and as I continued with treatments, I went as much as a week with little to no pain. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ching Ching Chi for her ability to reduce and at times, completely eliminate my pain!