Testimonial : Hyperthyroidism, T3 & T4 back to normal in 1 month.

If you have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, especially if you are a woman of childbearing age, you’ve got to see Dr. Chi! She made my T3 and T4 go back to normal within a month! Please note that I DIDN’T take any medicine during the month. It was all Dr. Chi’s acupuncture that helped me recover.

Dr. Chi has a unique way of looking at hyperthyroidism. She sees the close relationship between the thyroid and female hormones. When she told me that my thyroid conditions would greatly improve upon getting a normal period again, I was sold right away, because I knew scanty or missing periods are hyperthyroid symptoms in women who menstruate.

Since hyperthyroidism suppresses ovulation and menstruation, it’s logical that resuming a normal menstrual cycle means at least alleviation of hyperthyroidism. Plus, I’ve found on line that menstrual blood rids the body of a significant amount of iodine, which is the fuel of thyroid hormones. It makes perfect sense that reducing the fuel will lower thyroid hormones. I wonder why Western medicine doctors and even other Eastern medicine practitioners don’t seem to have thought of it. My on-line research hasn’t found anyone else who points out the possibility of treating hyperthyroidism by stimulating estrogen, though reliable sources indicate estrogen and thyroid hormones naturally suppress each other.Furthermore, progesterone and thyroid hormones are allies. No wonder hyperthyroidism happens most frequently in women of childbearing age who have high progesterone.

Back to my story: I noticed my period being much lighter in late July, but didn’t do anything about it because I was very busy. I didn’t take it seriously until missing my period in late August. My cycles had always been regular before that, and two pregnancy tests turned out negative (as they were supposed to because my husband and I were using protections). I waited until early September. Then I went to Urgent Care.

The blood test at Urgent Care turned out high T3 and T4 numbers as well as low TSH. In case you don’t know what they are, T3 is the active thyroid hormone affecting cells, T4 is inactive thyroid hormone in storage, and TSH is what the pituitary gland sends to the thyroid to have it make more hormones. When thyroid hormones are already high, TSH will lower because there’s no need of it.

I was referred to the endocrinology department of the hospital. I made an appointment with its first available endocrinologist—big mistake! The endocrinologist, let me call her Dr. K, said diet had nothing to do with hyperthyroidism. Later I found on-line articles by other MDs informing that excessive iodine can trigger hyperthyroidism (I did consume too much seaweed and seafood). I also learned that raw cabbage as well as other cruciferous veggies contain compounds which interfere with the absorption of iodine.

For my lack of trust in this endocrinologist, I switched to another one whose last name also starts with a K, but a male doctor, a very nice guy. In the meantime, I chose NOT to take any medicine because both of the commonly used anti-thyroid drugs have considerable side effects. I didn’t even take any beta blocker (for the heart and blood pressure) because my blood pressure was only higher than my normal range but not really high—124 over 84 (it had always been about 105 over 65). It was ridiculous that the female endocrinologist threatened me with the possibility of a deadly thyroid storm, which would take much higher blood pressure to happen.

We have to be aware that doctors often take a cut for drugs they prescribe. It’s important to find a conscientious doctor, who is truly interested in curing diseases and helping patients, which describes Dr. Chi. My first session with Dr. Chi brought on my late period, and the amount was normal! I continued to see her twice a week. Two weeks later, my blood pressure came back down to 102 over 61. I knew my thyroid must be getting better. Indeed, as you already know, later my blood test on October 4 showed normal T3 and T4. Since then Aunt Flo has come again in a normal amount.

Best of all, Dr. Chi also helped my sensitive eyes. My eyes had always been allergic to strong sunlight and winds. Hyperthyroidism aggravated the problem. I often had allergy attacks in one or both of my eyes while driving, and had to pull over to use artificial tears. Now my eyes always feel moist. No more eye allergies on the road!

I can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Chi. Hyperthyroidism is an incurable disease in Western medicine (anti-thyroid drugs are just temporary solutions and radioactive iodine makes patients take synthetic thyroid hormone for life plus suffering from side effects), but Dr. Chi cured it or at least put it in remission for me within such a short period of time! What more do I need to say about her marvelous capabilities?

Review on Yelp –C. T., San Jose , CA 10/6/2012