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Ancient TCM Qi Circle Movement Theory & Application of Five Shu Points




40 CEU

About the Course

Do you want to learn the logic behind selecting the Five Shu points, rather than memorizing their indications?

The answer lies in the ancient theory of TCM Qi Circle Movement.

The energy of the body, Qi, ascends and descends, floats and sinks. Each TCM organ has its own natural Qi movement: Liver Qi ascends, Lung Qi descends, Spleen Qi ascends, and Stomach Qi descends. Together these Qi movements create the Qi dynamic of the body. If the Qi dynamic is altered this imbalance may lead to illness. Pulse diagnosis is the key to detect the Qi Dynamic, and imbalances can be corrected through acupuncture treatment.

Disease occurs if Qi in the body cannot complete a harmonious circle. To treat disease, we must select the appropriate channels and their Shu points to re-establish the Qi circle. Dr. Ching Ching Chi will teach the TCM Qi Circle Movement theory and how to adjust the body’s Qi dynamic using the Five Shu Points. You will learn how to choose the right Five Shu Points on the right channel to balance the pulse.

Watch the the 1-hour introductory class, available at for those who register at

Full Course Schedule

The full 40 CEU course includes 26 webinar hours plus 10 hours of hands-on practice and 4 hours of case study at the Care Comfort Cure clinic.

02/06/22 3-4 pm Introduction to the TCM Qi Circle Movement theory (1 hour free class for 1 CEU)

02/13/22 2-7 pm The ascending and descending, floating and sinking Qi dynamic in the meridians

02/20/22 2-7 pm The ascending and descending, floating and sinking Qi dynamic in the Zang Fu organs

02/27/22 2-7 pm Balancing the Qi dynamic through Five Elements theory and channel theory

03/06/22 2-7 pm Selecting Five Shu points according to the Qi dynamic

03/13/22 2-7 pm Selecting Five Shu points according to the Pulse interpretation

03/20/22 2-7 pm Hands-on palpation and point location of Five Shu Points

03/27/22 2-7 pm Hands-on palpation continued with application of Five Shu Points according to pulse interpretation

04/03/22 2-6 pm Case Study (Bring your own patients to receive free treatment by Dr. Chi)

Classes for this series may be registered for individually; the only prerequisite is the introductory class. Please register prior to each class you plan to attend:

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this 40 CEU course, practitioners will:

  • understand the theory TCM Qi Circle Movement

  • understand the Qi Dynamic of ascending and descending, floating and sinking in the meridians

  • understand the ascending and descending, floating and sinking in the Zang Fu organs by pulse diagnosis.

  • know how to apply the balance theory of the Qi Dynamic by using the meridians and 5 Shu points to effectively enhance the treatment results.


1) Pay per class:

  • TCM Practitioners: $165 per class; $132 for Case Study

  • TCM Students: $140 per class; $112 for Case Study

2) Or pay for full course at 30% discount for all: $900​

Please pay with cash, check, or Zelle (

Please write checks to Ching Ching Chi. You can pay in person at the clinic or mail your check to the clinic at 877 W Fremont Ave Suite B1, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

Please send proof of payment in order to receive a link to join the class. No exceptions.

This is a prerequisite class for Dr. Chi's UP Method Residency Program.

If you have any other questions, you can also reach CCC at 408-663-6158

Your Instructor

Dr. Ching Ching Chi

Dr. Ching Ching Chi

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