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Apply Channel Theory to Treat Shang Han Lun Diseases




16 CEU

About the Course

How do we apply the Shang Han Lun six channel theory in our acupuncture practice? The six channel theory corresponds with the twelve channels of acupuncture. Besides herbs, we can use channel theory to treat Shang Han Lun diseases with acupuncture! Our body’s twelve channels pair into six circles that are the same as the six stages of the Shang Han Lun. These six circles ascend and descend the Qi of the body. Disease occurs when the Qi dynamic is disrupted and cannot complete a harmonious circle. To treat disease, we can re-establish the Qi circles with acupuncture and herbs. Thus the twelve channels can be used to treat Shang Han Lun’s six stages diseases. Learn how to apply channel theory to treat Shang Han Lun diseases at our live webinar course on Sundays 2-6 pm, from July 24 to August 14th, 2022. In this course you will learn to map Shang Han Lun six stages onto the twelve body channels. Most uniquely, you will learn how to use acupuncture to treat Shang Han Lun six stage disease. Though the Shang Han Lun only details herbal remedies, acupuncture can also be applied for treatment. You will learn which acupuncture points work like Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang, Bai Hu Tang, Ban Xia Hou Po Tang, and more. You will also learn how to combine powder formulas -- this is not taught in TCM schools! To register, please submit the following form: This 16 CEU course consists of 16 live-webinar hours. Please see the schedule and tuition fee below:

Tentative Course Schedule

7/24/22 Taiyang and Yangming disease 7/31/22 Yangming and Shaoyang disease 8/07/22 Taiyin and Shaoyin disease 8/14/22 Shaoyin and Jueyin disease


TCM Practitioner: $528 TCM Students: $449 Please pay with cash, check, or Zelle ( Please write checks to Ching Ching Chi. You can pay in person at the clinic or mail your check to the clinic at 877 W Fremont Ave B1, Sunnyvale, CA94087. Please send proof of payment in order to receive a link to join the class. No exceptions. This is a prerequisite class for Dr. Chi’s UP Method Residency Program. If you have any other questions, you can also reach CCC at 408-663-6158

Your Instructor

Dr. Ching Ching Chi

Dr. Ching Ching Chi

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