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Tongue Diagnosis




16 CEU

About the Course

How do you use the tongue to diagnose your patient?

How do you use tongue diagnosis to determine an herbal treatment?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the tongue reflects the health condition of the internal body. Examining the tongue is an essential component of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM practitioners often examine the tongue to inform their diagnosis due to the tongue’s connections to the meridians and reflection of the internal organs.

The tongue is also unique as a muscular organ that can be viewed simply by asking the patient to stick out their tongue. In TCM the tongue is viewed as a holographic reflection of the internal body. Like palpating the radial pulse, observing the tongue provides a body scan from upper to lower body; however, the tongue arguably provides a more long-term image than the pulse and is particularly useful for determining a patient’s herbal prescription.

Course Objectives

In this course you will learn the following aspects of tongue diagnosis, as informed by classical theory and the instructor’s clinical experience:

1) Tongue body shape indications with case study examples.

2) Tongue body color indications with case study examples

3) Tongue coating indications with case study examples

4) Herbal prescriptions based on tongue analysis

Dr. Ching Ching Chi will teach this course online as a live webinar on the following dates:

Sunday, December 4th, 2-6pm

Saturday, December 10th, 9-5pm

Sunday, December 11th, 2-6pm

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