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Dr. Sarah Tang


Dr. Sarah Tang is a resident doctor at Care Comfort Cure. Prior to joining the residency, she interned for several years with Dr. Ching Chi while completing her studies. She earned her Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) from Five Branches University and is a California state licensed practitioner.

Previously, Dr. Tang studied Rhetoric and English Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. She first found interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when reading about the theory, which, even though written in English, read like a foreign language. As an American-born Chinese, she renewed a curiosity of her cultural heritage through her study of TCM.

Dr. Tang’s interest in health and medicine also stems from her love of movement. She teaches yoga and practices AcroYoga or partner acrobatics. She enjoys martial arts, and, more recently, ballet. She appreciates any activity that brings her focus inward to the body, as well as activities that encourage outward exploration, like morning hikes and city bike rides.

Dr. Tang finds that TCM continually amazes her as she experiences it herself and through her patients. She hopes to someday contribute to the translation and integration of this ancient medicine into our modern understanding of health.

Dr. Sarah Tang
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