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Justine Lee


Justine is a front desk receptionist at Care Comfort Cure. Previously she worked in accounting. Dr. Pak, her colleague at church, recommended her to join the team; he also recommended her to get acupuncture treatment, which she found helped to relieve her severe migraines.

As a native South Korean, Justine is familiar with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Like other Koreans, she grew up taking herbal medicines to manage the seasonal changes of Korea, which are dramatic compared to California – the hot and humid summers easily cause exhaustion, and the cold and snowy winters easily cause colds and flu sickness. Also, whenever suffering pain such as from injury, Justine sought acupuncture as an alternative to painkillers.

As a receptionist, Justine enjoys getting to know and care about patients. She also likes to find answers and solve problems. She works hard to make sure the clinic runs smoothly, so the doctors can focus on treating patients and the patients can walk out happy.

Justine Lee
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