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Tina Krog


Tina is a front desk receptionist at Care Comfort Cure. Previously, she worked as an assistant manager at another Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, and this sparked her interest in the medicine.

As a Taiwanese native, she enjoys the flavor and fragrance of herbal medicine because it is so familiar to her. However, she did not experience acupuncture until she came to the US and worked at a local Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. There she saw that acupuncture can resolve many diseases, even those for which Western biomedicine offers no solution. She saw many strong cases for the efficacy of acupuncture, and she was impressed to see some patients recover and become even healthier than they were before their illness.

Tina is continually amazed to see how Traditional Chinese Medicine can totally transform a person in body, speech, and mind. As a receptionist at Care Comfort Cure, Tina likes to see the daily transformation of patients walking in not so happy, then walking out happy. Seeing other people’s happiness brings her happiness.

Tina Krog
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